Luxury CBD Pen & Blends

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  • Calming blend: Pen contains 500mg of naturally cultivated CBD oil blended with calming essential oils and plant-derived citrus and grapefruit terpenes

    • ​To help curb anxiety, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation 

    • Disposable and recyclable

    • No THC


  • Downtown Indica Blend: Pen contains 400mg of cannabis oil

    • For reducing anxiety and winding down​

    • For single use only

  • Inspired Sativa Blend: Pen contains 400mg of cannabis oil

    • ​Enjoy a bright, uplifting, and creative high, this Pen is intended for early afternoon enjoyment. An energetic high, Inspired is great for social settings.

    • For single use only

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Indica Pastilles


  • Coming soon